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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 09:42

Visits from alperen January

Visits from alperen January
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Alperen Centers Organization , Vice President Suleiman Solmazgül before , she visited a number of the district of Kahramanmaras dress.

Malatya news: Photo Suleiman Solmazgül , visited the first Elbistan Alperen Hearths . Elbistan Alperen Hearths Chairman Mustafa welcomed by Kilinc Solmazgül Elbistan Alper, who took the government's briefing on January . Photo Suleiman Solmazgül , \"Elbistan, was the capital of the Dulkadiroğlu principalities , Alaüddevl Booth has done a statesman like Bey has made ​​motherhood a lot sultan of the Ottoman state a date the city is . Structure of nice control , scientists , poets , writers , has registered not lost his politician cultivates date function . Here is wrapped tightly to cultural ties as those Alperin in this city , with ideas , can think, question , asks for a youth can look to download everything except Allah and His Messenger . Praise dress from the Alperin in January in razıyız about it. I want to thank the hands of my friends in litigation trying to do the best with the facilities. And once we have seen that Muhsin has kept the yeast is at the head of Anatolia \"said
then the Great Union Party ( BBP), the District Organization District Vice President Suleiman said Solmazgül greeted by Ahmet Kocaoglu and party management. BBP MKYK members Elbistanl businessman who met with Abraham Solmazgül Alagöz , where he returned to Malatya on the agenda by completing the evaluation visit bulunarak .

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